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Reinders Industrial cooling technology focuses on custom-built solutions that are durable, energy-efficient, compact and require a minimum level of maintenance. The development, manufacturing and maintenance of our cooling systems is all done in-house by our own engineers.

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Advantages of Cooling Systems by Reinders Industrial

Reinders Industrial stands for quality and durability. In refrigeration technology, we do not believe in ‘standard’. Every product or process has its own specific optimum storage conditions in terms of temperature and air humidity, and every company has its own production cycle and operational management.

The advantages of Reinders Industrial

  • Tailor-made
  • High quality
  • Long durability
  • Compact & efficient
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Sustainability
  • All systems are developed in-house

Reinders Industrial is part of the Reinders Corporation, and we have over a hundred years of experience in developing and producing climate control systems for industrial applications. Since 1910, we have been innovating and manufacturing high-tech solutions for cooling, drying, heating, ventilation and humidification.

Quality and durability in process cooling

Quality and durability are very important properties for an industrial cooling system. In your production process you want to count on the fact that you have a robust and efficient cooling system that is always running adequately. Reinders Industrial cooling systems are of high quality and very reliable.

In-house development, manufacturing and maintenance

Reinders Industrial Cooling Systems are designed and developed by our own engineers. Decades of experience have enabled us to make the most compact, yet very efficient cooling installations. We know our systems in and out and we build them in our own workshop. That is why we can fully customize the cooling installation to your requests and offer you complete service and support.

Besides that we are happy to perform maintenance on your cooling installation. We can service it and repair or replace old or broken components. We can also refurbish or overhaul older cooling installations, such that they become more efficient and energy saving.

Industrial climate control

Reinders Industrial Cooling installations allow maximum temperature and humidity control during your cooling process. Not only temperature is important. For better product quality and / or employee comfort in the working space, humidity of the process air is just as important as temperature.

Reinders Industrial cooling systems can process huge amounts of air volume per hour. For industrial processes, regular air conditioning units are not going to be able to provide sufficient cooling. Or one would need a lot of them and the energy bill will be very big. Reinders Industrial cooling systems are optimized for industrial applications and are extremely energy efficient.


Refrigerants are often a refrigerant gas or a mixture of refrigeration gasses that have great cooling properties. Often these are expensive but more importantly, they are hazardous chemicals and they should be handled with utmost care. Only certified mechanics should handle the refrigerants and the refrigerant components in the cooling installation.

Reinders Industrial takes safety very seriously. All our mechanics and our cooling installations have the appropriate and mandatory certificates for refrigerants that guarantee their quality and safety standards.

Some refrigerants have very negative properties and governments have forbidden the sale and use of them, others are being phased out in the coming years: they can be used but are no longer used in new installations. At the end of the phasing out period, it will be forbidden to sell and use these refrigerants as well.

Industrial cooling and cooling big spaces

Reinders Industrial develops and manufactures cooling systems for all companies and industries that have a significant cooling demand, for example:

  • Warehouses
  • Food industry
  • Production industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Other industries

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