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Prima Air is the leading provider of innovative industrial humidifiers for a variety of industries. Our patented humidification systems can provide the desired humid climate in any space.

With over a century of experience and a worldwide network we have the know-how to design and engineer the ideal solution for our customers. Our high quality humidification systems are energy efficient and built to last.

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Advantages of Prima Air Humidification Systems

Prima Air is the leading provider of innovative industrial humidifiers for many different industries.

The advantages of Prima Air Industrial Humidifiers

  • One control unit can supply humidification to several spaces
  • Low energy consumption and high capacity
  • Quick and easy installation: Plug & Play
  • Very little service and maintenance needed
  • Stainless steel construction of high quality

Prima Air is part of the Reinders Corporation and we have over a hundred years of experience in developing and producing climate control systems for industrial applications. Since 1910, we have been innovating and manufacturing high tech solutions for cooling, drying, heating, ventilation and humidification. 

How do Prima Air High Pressure Industrial Humidifiers work?

The Prima Air industrial humidification equipment consists of the following components:

  • High pressure industrial pumping unit
  • Industrial humidification fans
  • Water spray nozzles
  • High pressure valves
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Control panel
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Legionella protection

High pressure humidification is the most powerful and most energy efficient way of humidifying in the industrial sector. PrimaAir industrial humidifiers contain a high pressure pump which will transport water to the Airjets that have been placed in the room, with a pressure of approximately 70 bar. The Airjets will spray the water through the nozzles as a mist and the built-in fan will secure a homogeneous moisturized air distribution.

The water droplets in the mist will be smaller than 5 micron due to the specially designed high pressure humidifier and its nozzles. The mist will be horizontally spread and will be evaporated and absorbed in the air. The Airjet is designed to supply a 360° water spray distribution in the air.

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Specifications of Prima Air Industrial Humidification Systems

All systems require a 230 V electrical connection and water supply. Optionally, we can adjust our systems for another power supply network. For example, the American or Canadian power network with approx. 110 V.

Industrial humidifier prima air 2



Smart Airjet 

Smart Airjet Trio



Wall model

Wall model

Ceiling model





Air Flow

140 m³/h

140 m³/h

1900  m³/h

Humidifying capacity

3-12 L/h

7-15 L/h

15-36 L/h

Operating pressure

70 bar

70 bar

70 bar


2 mouths + nozzle

3x mouths + nozzle

ring + 7 nozzles

Dimensions (WxH)

400 x 430 mm

400 x 450 mm

580 x 375 mm


44 dBA

44 dBA

65 dBA


230 V

230 V

230 V


43 W

43 W

105 W


0,3 A

0,3 A

0,61 A


50 Hz

50 Hz

50 Hz

All Prima Air Airjets have been designed to distribute the mist optimally in the space, such that the air is moisturized without creating wet spots. The Airjets can be adjusted to direct the mist in any desired direction. The Airjets have been developed such that they make very little noise and do not cause nuisance.

Pumping Units








As desired

Capacity L/h





Small control panel

PLC with 7”HMI Interface

PLC with 7”HMI Interface


High pressure tubes

High pressure tubes

RVS water pipes to Airjets

What is an Industrial Humidifier?

Industrial humidifiers or commercial humidification systems are air handling units that control the humidity levels in a space. That way we can create optimal conditions for 

  • production and manufacturing circumstances
  • product quality
  • employee health

Prima Air industrial humidification equipment maintains a constant air quality and can be tailored to any specific needs and climate conditions. The humidifier consists of a pumping unit and humidification units. Optionally, a water treatment unit can be included.

Prima Air systems are plug & play units. They are easily installed and only need to be connected to 230 V power supply and water supply.

Why do I need Industrial Humidification?

There are several reasons why a space needs humidification. 

An industrial air humidifier can:

  • Optimize the moisture content of a space
  • Prevent fluctuations of the indoor climate
  • Remove particulate matter or fine dust particles from the air
  • Guarantees the qualities of products
  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Prevent build-up of static electricity

Applications for Industrial Humidification and Cooling

Prima Air industrial humidifiers can be found in all industries that require dust control, climate control or air treatment (HVAC). 

Examples of industries where our systems are applied are:

  • Greenhouses
  • Wood industry facilities
  • Woodworking spaces industry
  • Paper Mills
  • Printing factories
  • Painting companies
  • Cannabis

Water Treatment

With the increasing number of requirements regarding legionella and multiple other bacteria, Prima Air also offers water treatment systems. The water treatment systems ensure that clean water is atomized, preventing limescale, dust deposits and deterioration of the machines. 

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for one or more of the following components:

  • Water softener
  • UVC lamp
  • Osmosis filter

More information on Prima Air Water Treatment.

It is important to know for sure that a humidification system is safe to use in a space where employees have to work. Prima Air foggers are safe to use because of the built-in legionella protection all systems have. All Prima Air humidifying installations are equipped with legionella protection.

Working Principles of Industrial Air Humidifiers

Humidifier units are available with several different working principles:

  • Evaporative humidifiers
  • Natural humidifiers
  • Vaporizers
  • Impellers
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Drum
  • Disc wheels
  • Bypass flow-through
  • Spray mist humidifiers

Prima Air industrial humidification units are based on spray mist humidification. Water is transported under high pressure of 70 Bar to nozzles that spray the water directly into the air. The water droplets have a small size, less than 5 micron, for optimal evaporation and moisturization. Relative humidity sensors monitor the moisture content of the air. This way, the air humidity is controlled to the desired level.

Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier

Prima Air supplies industrial ultrasonic humidifiers as well. An industrial ultrasonic humidifier from Prima Air is also much more energy efficient than a classic steam humidifier. In an ultrasonic humidifier, a diaphragm vibrates at ultrasonic frequency. Consequently, small water droplets are created that are absorbed by the surrounding air, and a dense cool mist is spread by the ultrasonic humidifier. 

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