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Frost and Ice Formation

When a day is freezing (the minimum temperature below zero), it is called a frost day. If the temperature remains below zero for 24 hours, that is an ice day. When the temperature is between -2 and +2 °C, it is also said that the temperature is around the freezing point.
Fungi consist of thin, pale threads. You cannot see them with the naked eye either.

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How does frost and ice formation occur?

Frost and ice formation occurs on a surface with a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius when the ambient air contains more moisture than the surface temperature. The excess moisture settles on the surface in the form of ice. A good example of this is the ice buildup on strip curtains that serve as partitions between freezer rooms and warmer loading and unloading areas.

How can frost and ice formation be prevented?

Preventing the formation of frost and ice is possible by dehumidifying refrigeration or freezer rooms. This eliminates the problems of frost and ice formation such as slippery floors, fog formation and temperature differences. An additional advantage is that energy consumption is reduced due to decreasing defrost time. The defrost time decreases because the heat released in the cold store during defrosting is less and therefore this heat no longer needs to be dissipated by the other evaporators. This results in a lower required cooling capacity and thus a lower energy consumption. In addition, the residual heat from the cooling process can be used very efficiently for the regeneration process of a drying unit.

Reinders Industrial solves your frost and ice problems

Reinders Industrial can solve your frost and ice problems by lowering the humidity level. All of our drying equipment is designed in-house based on your specific situation. We have the knowledge to investigate and efficiently tackle your moisture problems. One of our spearheads is the realization of “turn-key” projects. We can take care of the complete project planning for you: from research and design to installation and maintenance.

Frost and Ice Formation
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