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Plastic mulch is a type of plastic sheeting that is used as a weed barrier. It can be applied to the soil to act as a mulch, or it can be laid on top of the soil to act as a weed barrier.

Plastic mulch uses the process of thermochromism to trap heat from the sun and warm up either a single spot or large areas where it has been installed. Plastic mulch is made from polyethylene and has many advantages over other types of mulches.

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Advantages of Plastic Mulch

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Enhanced Soil Warmth through Thermochromism

Utilizing the principle of thermochromism, plastic mulch captures solar heat, significantly warming the soil beneath. This feature is particularly beneficial for enhancing the growth of heat-loving plants, enabling earlier planting in colder regions, and potentially extending the growing season.

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Robust Weed Barrier

When applied to or laid on top of the soil, plastic mulch acts as a leakproof barrier against weeds. This reduces the need for chemical weed control and labor-intensive weeding, leading to more sustainable and efficient garden maintenance.

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Long-Term Durability

Unlike organic mulches, plastic mulch does not decompose, ensuring its functionality and appearance remain intact for years. This durability translates to fewer replacements and less material waste over time, contributing to a more sustainable gardening practice.

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Versatile for Various Settings

Suitable for both residential gardens and commercial agricultural environments, plastic mulch offers an universal solution adaptable to diverse landscaping and farming needs.

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Pest Deterrence

The non-organic nature of plastic mulch means it does not attract insects or rodents, a significant advantage in maintaining a healthy and pest-free garden.

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How to use Plastic Mulch?

Plastic mulch is a popular choice for many gardeners because it is durable, lightweight, and weed resistant.

Plastic mulch can be used in the following ways:

  • as a weed barrier under organic mulch
  • as a weed barrier under sod or lawn
  • as a weed barrier to cover bare soil
  • to control erosion on slopes and embankments

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