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Advanced Pump Unit – 8 room (> 25,000 m³)

The Prima Air Advanced Pump Unit Advanced is suitable for humidifying up to eight rooms individually. The Advanced Pump Unit has a maximum capacity of 600 litres per hour. This is distributed over the rooms.

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The Advanced high-pressure humidifier can control and humidify up to about 8 rooms individually. The Advanced also has a handy touchscreen that allows you to read and adjust the humidity quickly and easily. The Advanced is built on a stainless steel frame. With a misting capacity of about 600 litres of water per hour, the pump can totally handle the big stuff. As standard, the Advanced is equipped with a water softener for the high-pressure pump. The Advanced is a durable and maintenance-friendly humidifier, also thanks to the stainless steel piping.

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  • High humidification efficiency
  • Temperature and humidity display per group
  • Simple operation
  • Advanced options with touchscreen
  • Energy-efficient thanks to 3.0 kW electric motor
  • Easy to install and expand
  • Operation and readout possible via company network
  • Expansion with data logging via HMI and network
  • Equipped with water softener
  • External alarm notification
  • The number of Airjets and groups can be expanded at any time without replacing the pump unit
  • Integrated legionella protection

What is included with this product?


The pump unit is equipped as standard with a high-pressure pump, frequency controller, pressure sensor, control cabinet, filter, solenoid valve and hour meter.

Number of rooms 8
Room volume > 25,000 m³
Capacity litres of water / hour 600
Number of (Smart) Airjets 8-50

  • High-pressure pump: Electric motor type 010370
  • Power: 3.0 kW
  • Capacity: 10 litres/minute
  • Pressure: max. 80 bar
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