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Double Air Distribution Hoses (⌀ 470 mm till 940 mm)

Enerdes has been a pioneer in greenhouse innovation for decades. Since 1910, we have been involved with climate control systems. Our agriculture and horticulture knowledge has allowed us to develop an air distribution system that has revolutionized the greenhouse industry. Over the years we have obtained many patents in greenhouse technology. One of them is for the double air distribution hose.

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  • Balanced growth of the crop and reliable yield rates due to optimal air distribution.
  • No horizontal temperature differences, ensuring even growth behaviour.
  • Optimal growing conditions near the plant for improved health and reduced humidity accumulation.
  • Customization with your logo for a personalized touch.
  • Easy installation process for convenience.
  • Energy-efficient operation with lower minimum fan speed for reduced energy bills.
  • Fewer diseases in the greenhouse due to perfect air movement.
  • Long product lifetime with stable hose performance and very low replacement costs.
  • Customizable end caps for improved plant quality in centre aisles and better working conditions.
  • Capabilities for CO2 enrichment with even distribution of CO2 gases.
  • Full customer-specific solutions and support from engineers.


  • Double-layer insulation of air distribution hoses.
  • Tailor-made hole patterns for any desired pattern of holes, including the availability of various hole diameters (4 to 50mm) and hose diameters (100 to 1020mm).
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling for determining optimal puncture hole distribution.
  • Ability to place hoses under gutters or hang at the top of the greenhouse for different air circulation strategies.
  • UV-stabilization and special additives for durability against light and wear.
  • Fire resistance and compliance with various international standards such as NFPA 90A, UL 2518, UL-C, BS 5867 Part 2, 1980, GB8624-2006, and DIN 4102-1.
  • End caps with adjustable openings and the option for coating or branding with logos.
  • Availability of CO2 tubes with critical pressure distribution for CO2 introduction around plants.
  • A complete system including greenhouse fan, end caps, suspension hangers, suspension chain, and clamps and ties.
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    How do Enerdes Air Distribution Hoses Work?

    In this video, we explain more about our (single and double) distribution hoses and what the benefits are.

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