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Accuracy in lab research is about control over variables and conditions. Industrial’s dehumidifiers offer the stability your research needs to yield reliable results.

Industrial dehumidifiers for lab research

Adsorption Dehumidifier Bulk Solids – Adsorption dehumidifiers

Small, light and robust – The offered series of adsorption dryers consists of several small, lightweight, energy-efficient models specifically designed to help users address smaller or temporary solutions with process air volumes between 80 m³/h and 400 m³/h.
  • Process air 240 – 400 m3 / h
  • Dehumidification capacity up to 1,5 kg/u
  • 480 mm x 420 mm x 415 mm

The dehumidifiers have standard stainless steel housings for ruggedness and use one fan for both process air and regeneration air, making them extremely compact. These units are also specially designed to be rugged and withstand the bumping and rough handling often associated with lifting, moving and stacking of transportable dehumidifiers. Very useful for small-scale moisture control problems for stationary and permanent installations requiring dried air.
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Condensation Dehumidifier (Custom) – Condensation dehumidifiers

The condensation dehumidifier achieves very low humidity levels, with the dehumidifier optimized to minimize energy consumption. The dehumidifier is particularly energetically efficient in very hot and humid air that condenses easily. View product

Hybrid Dehumidifier (Custom) – Hybrid dehumidifiers

The hybrid dehumidifier is excellent for processes with maximum drying temperatures. The dehumidifier has more residual heat than condenser heat alone and is fully optimized for minimum energy consumption.

The cabinet consists of a robust steel frame with aluminum cabinet profiles. In which the double-walled and insulated panels are made of galvanized and powder-coated sheets. The hybrid dehumidifier is equipped with class EU7 bag filters to protect internal components and prevent rapid fouling of the rotor keeping the drying capacity intact.
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    Dehumidification solutions for lab research

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