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Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit (Custom)

For greenhouses with limited space or those constrained by existing structures, our custom air handling units are the ideal solution. These units are of exceptional quality and offer precise climate control for the greenhouse environment.

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  • Customization:
    Enerdes offers a variety of AHUs that can be custom-made to suit any greenhouse environment.
  • Precise climate control:
    With a focus on precision, the units are designed to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels essential for various crops.
  • Heating flexibility:
    The units can heat using either inside or outside air, providing adaptability to changing environmental conditions.
  • Dehumidification:
    Enerdes’ units are capable of reducing high humidity levels within the greenhouse, preventing the adverse effects of excess moisture.
  • Air filtration:
    The AHUs include filter modules to eliminate contaminants such as insects, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria from entering the greenhouse.
  • Specialized units for different areas:
    There are specific designs for corridors and packaging areas to ensure proper air volume and quality.
  • Improved working conditions:
    The climate control extends to employee areas, offering a healthier and more comfortable working environment.
  • Energy efficiency:
    Enerdes’ designs prioritize performance with minimal energy consumption, leading to potential cost savings.


  • Types of units: Ranging from compact units for space-constrained greenhouses to larger units for extensive areas, with options for radial and axial fans.
  • Heating element: The AHUs use a heating coil to warm the air, either from inside or outside the greenhouse.
  • Air treatment: The units are capable of both cooling and heating the air to achieve the desired climate conditions.
  • Filter grades: Multiple filtering grades are available to target various particle sizes, with the consideration that higher grades require more powerful fans due to increased pressure drop.
  • Motor efficiency: Fans in the units are equipped with larger electric motors that are highly energy efficient for high-volume air production.
  • Odor and VOC Control: Exhaust air filtration for odor control and elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds is also a feature.
  • Semi-closed Greenhouse System: The AHUs are an integral part of Enerdes’ patented semi-closed greenhouse system for optimal climate control.

Specifications explained with our AHU1VECA 910 CH model

  • AHU1VECA 910 CH > AHU1 (number of fans)
  • AHU1VECA 910 CH > V is orientation of the coil H or V
  • AHU1VECA 910 CH > EC-motor or AC-motor
  • AHU1VECA 910 CH > Axial or Radial
  • AHU1VECA 910 CH > Diameter ventilator
  • AHU1VECA 910 CH > Possible addition of a CH from CoolingHeating (for dehumidification)
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