Adsorption Dryer

Reinders Industrial is the leading supplier of adsorption dehumidifiers. We offer you the most effective and technical solution for adsorption dehumidification available.

When drying with an adsorption dryer, the moisture in the air is absorbed by moisture-absorbing material. Adsorption drying is often used for drying at low temperatures and/or very low moisture levels and dew points.

Reinders Industrial adsorption dryer: the advantages

  • Reliable operation
    Quality units developed by the world’s leading experts in the field.
  • Robust & resilient
    Designed to withstand constant use. The standard stainless steel housing ensures robust and hygienic performance.
  • Full control
    Wide range of controls and sensors to control both humidity and dew point. The dryer can be linked to all external controller types.
  • Easy to maintain
    Designed for easy access, therefore easy and low-cost maintenance.
  • Easy to operate
    Through microprocessor-based control units
    and advanced sensors, with the right degree of automation
    you need.
  • Energy-efficient
    Designed to consume as little energy as possible but
    also achieve maximum effect.
  • Low operating costs
    Long service life and remarkably cheap to operate.
  • Very easy installation
    Insert, connect and plug in.

Reinders Industrial adsorption dehumidifiers

We offer different types of adsorption dryers and can advise you on choosing the right model for your situation. From large to small, starting at 50 m3/h up to 10,000 m3/h quickly available. For larger dry air capacities, we can offer you a tailor-made solution. Contact us for more information on design and delivery specifications.

The principle of Reinders Industrial adsorption dryers

The adsorption air dryer is designed to remove water vapour from the air. The whole process is autonomous and cyclic, thus it continuously delivers dry air. The rotor is equipped with separated airflows which accommodates accuracy and precision.

Process air:

  • Extracted air is filtered to protect the rotor and prolong its life. The rotor is the most important component of the drying process.
  • The rotor, coated with silica gel, adsorbs the moisture molecules from the air the process fan passes through it.
  • The dry air leaves the adsorption dryer to be fed to the process.

Regeneration air:

  • The intake air is filtered and heated.
  • The regeneration fan feeds airflow through the rotor to expel water vapour from the rotor and discharge it to the outside.
  • The rotor can reabsorb water vapour.

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