Enerdes Greenhouse Climate Systems

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CO2 systems

Enerdes designs CO2 systems that distribute C02 through the greenhouse with the help of fans and pipelines.

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Greenhouse Air distribution hoses

Enerdes produces air hoses with fully customized hole patterns, diameters, lengths and much more.

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End Caps

End caps are placed at the end of an air hose. The variable and adjustable outflow holes will result in a better control of the climate in the aisle.

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Boiler Room

Enerdes designs the boilerrooms where the boilers are placed that produce hot water.

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Water Sterilizer

A water sterilizer takes care of sterilizing the polluted water, so the water can be re-used.

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Greenhouse Air Handling Units

Enerdes air handling units are patented and make sure the combination of air from inside and outside the greenhouse have the optimal temperature for the greenhouse.

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Recirculation Fans

Without the use of air from outside, recirculation is needed to get the inside air moving. That's when we use recirculation fans in a greenhouse.

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Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are used to cool down the air from outside before it goes in the greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Heating

Enerdes designs and delivers heating systems for greenhouses.

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Some plants need some help to cool themselves. Fogging provides water vapor that lowers the greenhouse temperature.

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Air Handling Corridor

An air handling unit in the corridor provides an optimal climate in the storage or transport corridor.

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Cooling Tower

A cooling tower provides the electricity and lightning for the greenhouse and is used to cool down the excess heat.

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Flue gas Ducting

A flue gas duct brings CO2 and heat from an energy plant to a greenhouse.

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