Archives and Museums

In archives it is important to have the right conditions, because the papers that are in the archives should probably last a long time. In Museums it is important to have the right conditions because of the fact that you don’t want to waste art or history. Reinders Industrial has years of experience in this industry. Our experts can find the best solution to your problem. 

Moisture problems in museums & archives

To prevent deterioration of important museum pieces and very old writings, Reinders Industrial drying installations are used. The relative humidity in archives should be lower than approximately 40-45% to limit bacterial growth. For preservation of rare pieces this is usually lower.

Moisture load of persons

In museums and libraries we provide ventilation, cooling and dehumidification. Visitors produce a lot of heat and moisture. A person at rest gives off a moisture load of about 0.12 liters/hour at 22°C by breathing and sweating. The relative humidity should not be too high for museum exhibits. 

We make accurate calculations for the capacity of a dehumidifier, so you only invest in what you actually need. We do this based on the number of people at rest or in labor, the number of doorways, moisture diffusion through the walls, the penetration of moisture through seams and cracks and any open water surfaces present.

Health problems caused by moisture

Ambient air that is too humid can be the cause of health problems. Humid air and little ventilation cause the formation of bacteria and mold that can lead to respiratory and skin problems. Allergic reactions can occur due to specific mold growth in homes and classrooms, for example. Also colds and aggravation of rheumatic complaints and eczema are mentioned in the literature as possible consequences of too high humidity. 

Reinders Industrial provides ventilation and humidity control in various public buildings for optimal human comfort.

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