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Enerdes can supply you with many required materials and components for your greenhouse. Ranging from heating, cooling, ventilation, sterilization to CO2 dosing and much more. Not only can we supply you with these materials, we can also help you in determining which components are the best choice for your specific application. Our extensive global experience as greenhouse supplier to customers in many different climates allows us to help you in making the best selection of components and supplying these to you. Please contact us for more information or a quote on greenhouse parts.

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The Enerdes expertise

Greenhouse Retrofit

A Greenhouse Retrofit means an existing greenhouse is completely stripped and improved because a greenhouse company for example desires:

  • Higher crop yields and production rates
  • Improved product quality and plant health
  • Higher profits
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower operating costs

As a well known greenhouse supplier, Enerdes can help you give your greenhouse design a succesful retrofit.  Completely integrated greenhouse climate control systems are installed and advanced technology makes it possible to monitor and control your growing process  at all times.

Enerdes has helped lifting greenhouses worldwide to a higher level for many years. Our patented innovations for the horticulture industry have changed the way plants are grown and improved crop yield and product quality in greenhouses. Enerdes has been on the frontline of semi-closed greenhouse development since day one, as our CEO is the innovator and patent owner!

Since 1910, we have been developing climate control systems. With over a 100 years of experience, we can help you build a new greenhouse or retrofit an existing greenhouse that is optimally functioning in every way.

Global greenhouse consultant for decades

Enerdes is an independent greenhouse installation company, specialized in all systems that concern the greenhouse climate and greenhouse climate control. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Air handling and air treatment
  • Energy systems
  • Sterilization of irrigation water
  • Heating and cooling

When building a greenhouse, it is important to include a greenhouse supplier company like us from the very first moment. From the very beginning it is important to consider:

  • How will your greenhouse climate be controlled?
  • How and where are you going to supply power in your greenhouse?
  • How and where will you be needing water and at what temperature?
  • How much and where do you need ventilation and air circulation?

At Enerdes, we  develop, manufacture and install turn-key energy systems, air handling units and everything you need for climate, air and water management in a greenhouse. Our innovations for the greenhouse industry have lead to patented products that are applied in greenhouses all over the world.

We can help you design climate control systems for your greenhouse that give you optimal product quality and crop yield. Our CEO is the co-innovator and patent holder of semi-closed greenhouses, but we also have decades of experience with conventional greenhouses. We can assist you in building a greenhouse from beginning to end with consultancy, manufacturing and installation. Our services are available worldwide.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or advice on greenhouse climate systems and sustainable energy management!

Greenhouse Retrofit by Enerdes

Instead of building a greenhouse from scratch, sometimes it can be very profitable to upgrade an existing greenhouse: Greenhouse retrofitting. There are many reasons for renovating your greenhouse:

  • Change the type of crop you are growing
  • Increase crop yield
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce energy consumption, save energy
  • Reduce water consumption, save water
  • Optimize air circulation and ventilation
  • Optimize climate control, improve temperatures and humidity levels in your greenhouse
  • CO2 enrichment
  • Switch from vegetables to cannabis growing or hemp growing

Enerdes can advise you on how to make profitable changes and upgrades in your greenhouses. We have experience with greenhouse retrofits for all types of climates and all types of crops.

The goal of a greenhouse retrofit is to upgrade an older, outdated greenhouse to a more advanced greenhouse with high-tech solutions in order to reach:

–  higher product yields

–  higher crop quality standards 

And you will:

  • reduce operating costs
  • need less manual labor to achieve this
  • have lower energy costs
  • save water consumption

Together we will make a plan what the most cost-effective solutions are to update your greenhouse to an optimal growing space for your crops. Most likely, it is most efficient to make a mechanical corridor. The corridor is an assigned space in your greenhouse where you put the chiller, all air handling units (AHU’s) and other mechanical appliances you need for climate control. From there, you supply the rest of the greenhouse with irrigation water, cooled or heated air, CO2 enriched air et cetera.

Greenhouse supplier greenhouse design Enerdes

Industrial Greenhouse designs by Enerdes

Our greenhouse designs are focussed on:

  • Energy management
  • Air circulation and ventilation
  • Water management
  • Climate control

Our main goal is to design the greenhouse technology in such a way, that you have perfect control over the growing conditions in every space in your greenhouse in a most energy efficient and cost effective way. Our designs are tailormade and are optimized for every customer. As a global greenhouse supplier, we have systems suitable for semi-closed and conventional greenhouses, for big spaces and small spaces.

Industrial greenhouse projects of Enerdes

Enerdes has supplied greenhouse climate control system and energy systems to customers all over the world. We participate in new-build project as well as retrofit projects. Our greenhouse innovations have led to many patented products such as the Double Air Distribution Hose. We work together on a regular basis with greenhouse magnates like Kubo and Houweling’s.

Greenhouse farming and greenhouse horticulture

Enerdes has experience with climate control and greenhouse technology for many types of crops and many different greenhouse growing systems:

  • Conventional greenhouse
  • Semi-closed greenhouse
  • Glasshouse farming, such as solar
  • Vertical greenhouse
  • Shipping container greenhouse
  • Hydroponic greenhouse
  • Polyhouse farming

Enerdes Greenhouse technology

Our areas of expertise and service as a greenhouse supplier include all types of greenhouse technology and greenhouse innovation. As a Dutch company that has been developing greenhouse climate systems for over a 100 years, we are experts on Dutch greenhouse technology, with worldwide applications.  We develop and manufacture systems for the following greenhouse necessities:

  • Greenhouse ventilation
  • Air circulation
  • Greenhouse heating
  • Greenhouse cooling
  • Greenhouse humidifying
  • Greenhouse dehumidifying
  • Greenhouse watering systems
  • Greenhouse dryers and hemp dryers
  • Greenhouse odor control
  • Greenhouse energy management
  • Greenhouse water management
  • Greenhouse automation and greenhouse automation systems
  • High tech greenhouse

Greenhouse management and technology: an integrated approach by Enerdes

Naturally, there are many aspects in a greenhouse that need meticulous management in order for your plants to grow optimally. Aspects you will have to take into account early on in your greenhouse design or greenhouse retrofit plans are:

  • Light management
  • Temperature management
  • Humidity management
  • Air circulation and quality management
  • CO2 enrichment management
  • Odor control
  • And more

All these factors influence each other and need to be in a controlled balance. Our greenhouse climate control systems are completely integrated and allow you to manage the air, water, temperature, humidity and other factors to a precise degree, every moment of the day. We take into account that the conditions in every assigned greenhouse space may be different. It is important to determine what the perfect plant conditions are for your spaces:

  • Nursery room
  • Rooting room
  • Growing space
  • Trimming room
  • Drying room
  • Storage space
  • Office space
  • Packaging area

Enerdes can provide different conditions for every space with our high tech integrated greenhouse management systems. One may think the climate in the corridor, packaging area or other non-growing spaces are not important for the plants. However, big differences in temperature and humidity between growing and non-growing areas make it much more different to control the climate in areas where it is important. Product quality is increased and money may actually be saved if climate control is applied in all areas in your greenhouse.

Canadian greenhouse suppliers and USA greenhouse suppliers

One of our main markets is the North-American greenhouse market. We have designed and supplied greenhouse climate systems and greenhouse energy plans to American and Canadian customers for decades. One of our biggest projects are for Houweling’s Tomatoes.

We can supply you with UL listed systems and corresponding documents that are approved by both USA and Canadian authorities.

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