Seed Processing Industry

In the seed processing industry it is really important to use dryers for all the seeds. Reinders Industrial has years of experience in this industry. Our experts can find the best solution to your problem. 

Moisture problems in the seed processing industry

Reinders Industrial adsorption dryers are very widely used in the seed processing industry due to the required low moisture levels and extremely precise process parameters. We work closely with a number of companies that specialize in seed processing. 

We take care of the engineering, production/assembly, software and commissioning of the installation which supplies dried process air. This is for example used for a drying process in drum dryers, drying walls, fluid-bed dryers or laboratory dryers. We determine the capacity based on the seed to be dried and the desired drying curve.

Operational reliability and preservation of process parameters

Our installations are used on all five continents. That is why we have specialized in monitoring the drying process remotely. The installation status can be read in from our headquarters in the Netherlands and if necessary we can adjust the software parameters. Operational reliability and preservation of process parameters during the production season is for us, in addition to energy efficiency, the most important aspect of the entire installation.

Coating installations with dehumidification

The coating process of products, for example seeds, is faster and easier under conditioned production. The coating film dries faster, allowing the seeds to be packaged immediately. Reinders Industrial has extensive experience in developing coating installations with integrated dehumidification and the necessary PLC control.

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